Outdoor Patio Lounge Chairs

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Outdoor Lounge Chairs Are Prime Patio Seating

Make the most comfortable use of your patio with outdoor lounge chairs. Whether you're soaking up the sun, appreciating the shade or simply want to get outside, outdoor patio lounge chairs are the ideal place for taking in some fresh air. Sink into one with soft cushions from top brands such as Sunbrella, or embrace a design with a sleek silhouette. Either way, be sure to consider your space's size and aesthetic when selecting one for your home. Read on to learn about picking the best patio or backyard lounge chairs for you.

Patio Lounge Chairs Fit Your Space and Style

When searching for the right outdoor patio lounge chair, it's important to choose a style of frame that reflects your taste. Woven ones of wicker or rope have a raw and natural charm, while wooden frames have a warm and timeless image. Looking for something especially modern? Metal chair frames give the deck a sleek and minimalist appeal. Whichever material you pick, be sure to think about how much space you have to work with. On apartment balconies or other spots where the area is limited, outdoor lounge chairs with small footprints free up room for other furniture. For example, place an outdoor accent table beside your chair to hold drinks, snacks and a book. Or, leave one side of the patio open for outdoor dining furniture—that way you have room to both relax in your chair and also dine alfresco. Armless chairs generally occupy less space than those with arms. If space allows, however, outdoor armchairs offer a classic look to the area. For an eclectic touch, place outdoor armchairs and armless chairs beside one another on your patio or deck.

Consider Colors and Existing Outdoor Furniture and Decor

Keep other patio decor and lounge furniture in mind when selecting a color for your outdoor lounge chair. Bright yellow, blue and red ones are bold and eye-grabbing choices, while neutral greys and browns offer a more subdued vibe. Nearby items like rugs and umbrellas help dictate whether the patio's style is more cohesive or eclectic. Additionally, decorative pillows and throws add personality—and comfort—to your deck chair. Check its care instructions and, if necessary, remember to invest in a furniture cover to keep it in pristine condition.