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Gift Ideas for 2020 Holidays and Beyond

Whether you're celebrating the winter holidays or other occasions throughout the year, there are gift ideas that complete the festivities. Consider the recipient when selecting the best gift for them. From host and hostess gifts for an Easter brunch or Thanksgiving dinner to wedding and birthday gifts, different occasions call for unique present ideas. Or, why wait for a big event to occur? Show your appreciation for loved ones by browsing small gift ideas, and then surprising them with one out of the blue. Continue reading our gift guide to find the ideal presents for the people you care about.

Gifts We Love

Selecting the right gift isn't always easy. Browse some of our favorite gift ideas to help inspire you. Present ideas from the world set your gift apart.

Gifts by Price

If you're in a hurry and need the best gift ideas within your budget, browse gifts by price to save time and find items that complete the occasion. Explore conveniently curated items from various departments in popular price tiers to make gift shopping by price a little easier. Looking to spend less than $10 on a holiday gift? There are present options that suit recipients of all kinds. Want to spend less than $25? Discover fun holiday gift ideas that are just as exciting to give as to receive. There are also gifts for more than $100 for when you want to make a grand gesture, commemorate a big life event or buy something extra special.

Gifts by Occasion

Throughout the year and throughout life, the perfectly chosen gift makes special occasions even more memorable. Consider kitchen, entertaining, decor and furniture items to commemorate notable events such as graduations, engagements and weddings. If you need a birthday gift, discover a thoughtful and unique item that is as special as the recipient. Anniversary gifts, meanwhile, help the couple celebrate the milestone, and also enjoy the years to come. When you're celebrating a major occasion such as a wedding, themed gifts for the bridal shower are especially fitting. Or, when friends or family move into a new home, opt for a housewarming gift that helps them get settled in no time. Our gift guide helps to select items for events of all sorts. In need of xmas gift ideas? Read on and explore our holiday gift guide.

Holiday Gifts

Find the holiday gifts you're looking for, whether you're celebrating the winter holidays or other occasions. Explore the curated collection of seasonal merchandise that makes any holiday special: something fresh for Valentine's Day, playfully eerie for Halloween, a special gift for an Easter basket, a host or hostess gift for a summer BBQ party or Thanksgiving dinner or beyond. Plus, don't forget that perfect present for Christmas. From Christmas mantel decor to ornaments for the tree, there are Christmas gift ideas that capture the spirit of the season. Even if you choose a Christmas present idea that isn't related to the holiday, celebratory decor is fun to include in stockings or gift baskets.

Gift by Recipient

When you know what a friend or loved one likes, but don't quite know what to get them, look through gift items sorted for various interests and personalities. Whether the recipient is a cook, entertainer or techie, there are gifts to suit their style and interests. Browse groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts for your wedding party. There are also business and office gifts that are ideal for the office holiday party. No matter who is on your list, find something for everyone by selecting unique gifts that speak from the heart.

Gift Cards

If all the items on the registry you're shopping from have been purchased, or you need to pick up something quickly, a Crate and Barrel gift card is a smart option. It shows the recipient your thoughtfulness and gives them the opportunity to choose what they want—which is sometimes the best gift of all.