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Sleeper Sofa 101: How to Choose Your Sofa Bed

Create a comfortable sleeping space for overnight guests with a plush sofa bed. Versatile and functional, sleeper sofas are ideal in any home, especially those without formal guest rooms. Sofa beds can expand a room's possibilities, combining sophisticated style with the utmost in sleeping comfort.

About Sleeper Sofas: Great for living rooms, guest bedrooms, home offices and basements, our sleepers easily pull out to create a convenient bed whenever you need it. Sleeper sofas are also perfect for apartments, townhouses and condos where dual-purpose furniture saves valuable floor space.

Which Style Do You Need?

Material: As you're choosing your sofa bed, you'll want to consider the different material types that best fit your lifestyle, including linen, polyester, microfiber and top-grain leather. These materials will be available in a full range of colors and patterns, including black, white, brown and many more. Machine-washable slipcover sofas or ones upholstered in stain-resistant fabrics may be more ideal for those with kids or pets.

Mattress: As for the sofa's mattress? Sleeper sofas can be made with high-density foam or innerspring mattresses, both providing exceptional comfort to your guests. Mattresses are odorless, allergy-free and mildew-resistant. Some mattresses fold into the sofa's frame while not in use, and others—including trundle sofa beds—slide beneath.

Size: If you're living in a smaller space or anticipate just one guest at a time, a twin- or full-sized sofa or loveseat may be ideal. Sleeper chairs are also a good alternative if a sleeper doesn't fit in your room. Those with more space or people who host couples may opt for a queen or king sofa bed that offers plenty of space when company is in town.