Modular Storage Collections

Modular Storage for the Home

Organize any room of your home with chic modular storage. Find a place to store books, magazines and blankets in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. In smaller rooms, including condos, apartments or townhouses, look for leaning shelves that save floor space while providing vertical storage. Leaning shelves are also perfect for bathrooms and entryways, providing a place for toiletries, cosmetics, decor and other essentials. Use open shelving to showcase vases, picture frames, candle holders and other decor. Safely display delicate items behind doors with clear glass inserts, or place baskets on the shelves to corral magazines and newspapers. Need to organize your wine collection? Look for an integrated wine rack that fits neatly inside a hutch. In family rooms, find modular storage with sliding doors to hide away media components, such as gaming systems and stereos. For a balanced look in spaces with a television, place a bookcase on either side of a media stand across from the sofa. Hang an open shelf above the TV to finish the arrangement. Want to learn about creating fully-custom sofas, chairs or dining tables? Check out our guide for designing custom pieces for your home.