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Choosing Your Mattress and Box Spring

Enjoy a bedroom oasis with mattresses and box springs from Crate and Barrel. To create the perfect bed for you, first choose a plush mattress or one that offers firm support. Cover it with a mattress pad to protect the mattress from spills and to add an extra layer of comfort. If you have a traditional bed frame or a headboard, next choose a box spring to provide stability and to prolong the life of your mattress. Want to lower the height of the bed? Look for a low-profile box spring, which is perfect for extra-thick pillow top mattresses. For platform beds, try a bunky board. These box spring substitutes raise the height of the mattress just enough to make it easier to neatly arrange the sheets, blankets and duvet covers on the bed. Once you've designed your bed, consider adding a bedskirt for a decorative touch.