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Dining Benches and Kitchen Table Benches

Add some extra seats to the table with dining benches. Dining table benches are ideal for adults and kids alike, and they complement both formal and casual tables setups. Kitchen benches add a communal vibe to mealtime, and offer eclectic charm when mixed and matched with dining chairs. Or, many bench styles are also part of dining bench sets, making it easy to create a cohesive dining table look. What's more? Their sleek shapes make them a smart small dining room idea. Read on to learn how to choose the best dining room bench for your home.

When to Use Kitchen and Dining Benches

Even if you only need a set of dining chairs for everyday meal time, kitchen benches come in handy when you have extra company over. Use a kitchen seating bench to add extra surface area near entryways, mud rooms or even kitchens themselves. Then, when the need arises, it's easy to bring the bench out for extra seating around the dining table, too. Or, if you like the look of dining tables with benches all the time, keep one at the table during both bigger gatherings and normal weekday meals. No matter how often you use your dinner table bench, it's important to pick a size and material that capture your aesthetic. Small dining benches are space-efficient and versatile, while larger ones are especially smart for bigger families. Material-wise, wood dining benches have a classic look. Plus, if you have an oak dining table, mahogany design or other type of wooden eating surface, a bench in a similar material ties the room together. Want a material that only grows richer with age? Opt for a leather dining bench seat.